Friday, March 18, 2011

Ponytail days and plastic pools

It's March 18th and seems to be that time of year already! The kids are running barefoot, shirts off through the yard...sweating! It's PONYTAIL day! That means it's a day not to worry about what I look like... throw my hair back in a ponytail, get outside with my kids and ...ENJOY!
First order of business is to put on my first pair of shorts of the season! Next, I put water in the water table and it isn't long before they are ready for... THE PLASTIC I drag it out and get the soap and water for the boys to help me give it a good cleaning...I wonder...How many more years will I get to do this???....the plastic pool that is. We've filled it up with cold (and warm) water and Eli is now splashing around and Nate has put himself in charge of keeping the water topped off with the garden hose. Such simple pleasures......such RICH MOMENTS to soak up.
Thank you, Jesus for plastic pools and boys who still fit in them....for happy children...big smiles...mud puddles ..lots of grass and blooming trees for a backdrop....warm sun on my shoulders...slight breeze...."ponytail days."


  1. I found you through Elizabeth Voss's site. And from what I can tell, is this an online gratitude journal? If so, GREAT idea!
    I've just started discussing it and I would love to hear your thoughts on the book if you have time.

  2. Hi Cheryl...this blog IS a little glimpse at my gratitude journal that I"m keeping in response to the book 1,000 blessings by Ann Voskamp. I keep a paper/pencil journal as well and then blog about some of them from time to time. I'm still working my way through the book but I love it so much. I like reading it slowly and once I finish, I'd like to read it again...or at least certain chapters...have you started reading it yet? What's been the most meaningful thing about it for you so far?