Wednesday, March 2, 2011

# 105 Signs of Spring

I saw my first daffodil of the season last neighbor's forsythia is blooming, the birds are having all kinds of noisy conversation high in the treetops, my door is wide open to the outside and warm sunshine is spilling in....the sky is blue and it even SMELLS like Spring.....I love the physical beginning of the Spring Season....EVERY YEAR it's my FAVORITE.....I love to see the old things die away and the new things burst into life....color...warm....I love Spring.
There were signs of Spring in my home as well this morning....hands interlocked with one another, we stopped and read and prayed and listened...and I sense that God is doing a fresh work in my home...he's pruned away old and un-profitable striving and effort and is birthing grace and love and warm and beauty in my my my me....
I LOVE Spring!!!

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  1. Pruning is such hard work, but the results are so worth the time invested. My daughter comes home with the funniest stories from your house; what a work God is doing there!